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    Project: New Qumun United Huawei Songshan Lake Base,Salute the creation of China!

    Publisher:   Release Time:2020-05-24   Browse Number:2950

    Project: Huawei Songshan Lake Terminal Headquarters Base II


    Address: Guangdong Dongguan

    From: Shanghai New Qumun & Huawei

    Project case

    The Huawei Songshan Lake Terminal Project is located in Songhu Huahai District, Songshan Lake District, Dongguan City, covering an area of 1900 acres with a total construction area of approximately 1.267 million square meters.

    Huawei Songshan Lake Terminal Headquarters Base II

    Adopt European classic architectural style

    The headquarters consists of 12 architectural groups,

    Including Oxford, Windermere, Luxembourg, Bruges, Fribourg, Burgundy, Verona, Paris, Granada, Bologna, Heidelberg, Kronov

    There is a dedicated light rail connection in each base

    You can browse the European classic architectural style by train!

    Innovative design concepts, excellent product quality and comprehensive after-sales guarantee have established a mutually trusting and cooperative relationship between Huawei and New Qumun.

    Separation of local small areas to create a relatively private dining environment

    The wooden grille ceiling and the curved wood partition complement each other, giving the interior space a warm visual impression.The details such as armrests, soft bags, and table tops are rounded to provide users with a safe and comfortable dining experience.

    The classical inheritance of designers works

    Designing is both a bold thinking and a prudent analysis! The collision of sky blue and wood color is like the combination of technology and classics. Let us return to the most original authenticity from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

    European-style architectural space, luxury and taste

    The green plants dotted everywhere give the whole space more vitality and humanistic care. Different products combine and match each other to show different dining forms, turning the monotonous daily dining environment into a sharing and communication platform for free collision of thinking.

    New Qumun Group

    Adhering to the service concept of providing customers with good quality products and space solutions wholeheartedly

    Stick to the ingenuity, let the technology advance with the times

    In the new era, gather Chinese power!

    New Qumun, witness the creation of China together!

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