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    Simplified office in flat digital era

    Publisher:   Release Time:2018-11-14   Browse Number:3236

    Debon Securities Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Fosun Group, is a national comprehensive securities company approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission and qualified for underwriting stocks. It is one of the nation's first batch of sponsors approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission and one of the nation's first batch of securities issuance inquiry agencies.

    Design: New Qumun; ADD

    Address: Shanghai,China

    Time: 2018

    Flat digital era

    Based on the continuous development of high and new technology, our lifestyle is changing with each passing day. From the very slow car-to-horse letter to the instant messaging such as MSN and WeChat that are delivered in one second, they all indicate the coming of a new era. Flat digitalization is changing our lives bit by bit.

    The Debon Securities project is the product of the era of flat digitalization.

    Different from the traditional dark wood color and luxurious fancy marble design style, light wood color + white marble light luxury is throughout the design. From the front desk to the office area, the style is full and refreshing.

    Simplify office working

    Compared with the traditional semi-isolated fixed work area, this project uses mainstream foreign sharing concepts on this basis. A shared work station was added on the basis of a fixed work area.

    The manifestation of the shared station is very different from the fixed station. They may be sofas, card seats, or even some other creative seats, or as long as they can sit, they can become this shared work station. In a sense, they can no longer be regarded as work stations, but a combination of work and rest discussion areas. It allows people to enter the working state within a second while taking a break from discussion.

    The modular design of the conference area and movable partitions can meet the work requirements most effectively and perform reasonable separation.

    The open pantry design breaks the strict boundary between office and leisure discussions, greatly increasing the permeability of the space.